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Automotive Products

Foxtec-Ikhwezi manufactures tie rods, track rods and camber arms for rear axles for Mercedes Benz in East London as a single source OEM manufacturer for the world market.

The production plant started in 2006 with assembly ready forged aluminium suspension link arms for the W204 C-Class. In 2008 supply of suspension link arms for the W212 E-Class was added and Foxtec-Ikhwezi also began making suspension parts for various high performance AMG models in 2008. Suspension cross struts for the X204 GLK and tie rods for the R231 SL-Class models were also additions to the line of products made for Mercedes Benz.

The W205 C-Class and W213 E-Class are the latest addition to the line of suspension link arms (tie rods, track rods and camber arms) manufactured in East London for all Mercedes Benz assembly plants.


With our aluminium alloy, we achieve the synthesis of high strength, low weight and reliable safety.

Material Information
materials table foxtec ikhwezi aluminum products
materials table foxtec ikhwezi aluminum products
materials table foxtec ikhwezi aluminum products
materials table foxtec ikhwezi aluminum products


Forging Techniques

Our forging facility is equipped with a press boasting a press force 1600t.

The Foxtec-Ikhwezi hot die-forging is a process ensuring the highest quality and reproducibility.

We continually improve our forging technology and invest in additional capacities. Thus, we are always one step ahead of our customers' requirements.

All tooling used in the process is designed by our parent company, Otto-Fuchs KG in Germany, who have over 100 years of forging experience thus ensuring flexibility and independance.

Ensuring the optimum mechanical properties are achieved from the material used in the manufacture of our components, fully automated heat treatment furnaces are used to maximize strength.

In-line continuous cleaning facility ensures the aesthetic appearance of our parts is maintained, further adding to the quality of our produced components.

Machining Techniques

Our machining facilities consist of 3 Fully automated 4 axis CNC machines with a machining capacity of 1050 parts per hour. A bush press machine located at each CNC machine inserts the rubber bushes into the machined component to the correct depth and position. The force required to insert the bush is measured 100% to ensure the desired specifications are achieved consistently.

ABB robots are used to synchronize the manufacturing process within the cell ensuring optimum production outputs are achieved repeatedly.

Accuracy, repeatability and quality are non-negotiables in the manufacturing process, ensuring these safety critical parts are produced to the customers requirements.


General Engineering

With the success of Foxtec-Ikhwezi in the aluminium forging of safety critical components, we are expanding into the general engineering field to manufacture a variety of components in different materials. The widespread application of light-weight materials in the field of general engineering is due to their excellent combination of dynamic strength, low density and good corrosion resistance.

The forging technology allows us to adjust the direction of the optimum mechanical properties to the direction of stress in a component and thus fully exploit the properties of the material.

Copper and brass alloys have good processing properties. They are easy to form and, at the same time, have a high strength and resistance to wear, tear and corrosion. They have a wide range of applications, in particular in hydraulics and pneumatics.

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