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Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber, Thermoplastics and Composites.

It all started with rubber. Between us we have over 100 years knowledge of compounding and polymer behavior, that’s quite a pedigree. But our love of natural rubber does not hold us back, we appreciate and enjoy the fact that polymer science goes beyond rubber. As such we offer natural rubber compounds, synthetic rubbers such as EPDM, silicon rubbers, thermoplastics and composites. With this knowledge and our unrivalled bonding expertise rest assured the solution is always at hand.

We are polymer specialists and as such we have extensive knowledge of the way polymer materials behave not only in their natural state but also when they are subjected to extremes of temperature, ozone, oil and dirt. The choice of material is solution critical. Our team of experts are happy to advise you on available options.

Our polymer know-how includes: 

  • Natural Rubber
  • EPDM
  • Polyurethanes
  • Silicon
  • Thermoplastics
  • GRI Composites



Standard Processes, Global Consistency

In Vibracoustic-Ikhwezi we operate with global standard processes. Our policy of seeking best practice means that we are constantly innovating our processes to improve quality, productivity and efficiency, adding value to all operations.

Our Manufacturing Excellence program is key to our quality strategy, zero defects is our global target.

Single Loop decision making is our innovative global approach to product design and development. This is a five step process specifically introduced to speed up the design process and avoid overspend.


Products & Solutions

Tailor Made Solutions Market Lead Innovation.

The automotive world is rapidly changing. Global solutions, fuel efficiency, weight and space savings are buzzwords of our industry. Our team of experienced engineers is constantly looking for ways to improve existing product to help you reach these goals.
In addition as vehicle noise isolation improves it makes our lives more interesting as suddenly frequencies previously masked by road noise become audible. So we also look at new solutions to improve comfort, ride, handling and the overall driving experience.

Weight Savings

Increased fuel efficiency is top of the agenda for most vehicle manufacturers. For some time now Vibracoustic-Ikhwezi has lead the way in looking at innovative ways to replace traditional steel brackets and housings with thermoplastics and composites. To do this we combine our rubber and plastics experience to ensure secure bonding and guaranteed durability. Current plastics applications include power-train mounts, strut mounts, suspension bushings and torque roll restrictors.

Space Savings

As vehicles get smaller or incorporate more electrical sub-systems, space under the hood is frequently at a premium. Using our full system know-how we are constantly looking at ways to downsize our components without affecting performance. For instance integrating dampers into mounts or even using other existing vehicle systems to provide the mass.

We also enhance our variety of different materials such as new composites or compounds or look at how we can change the geometry of the spring to allow us to maximize performance and minimize components.

Cost savings

Cost saving innovation can be as simple as eliminating redundant parts, increasing durability or simplifying manufacturing processes. It can also involve a higher tech solution such as Active Vibration Control. This active solution is designed to tackle multiple frequencies and as such can be used to replace the balance shaft, a very heavy and expensive damper.

Improved performance – Switchable and Active Mounts

Progress is not about standing still. We constantly strive to find optimum solutions to noise and vibration problems. Our modular engine mounts are designed to provide maximum flexibility and save money. The same engine housing can be used we simply vary the main spring and the orifice plate. That means one basic hydro mounts design can serve multiple engine applications.

We can also offer switchable hydro mounts in order to guarantee optimum damping for more than one frequency of disturbance.

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